Top 5 List of Cool 2016 Mobile Gadgets

Some apps on your mobile make perfect sense and then there’s some that push the limits. Then there’s the kind of apps that define what cool happens to be. Want to get some early gift ideas, these special apps also describe the gift of giving! Here’s the coolest list of 2016 mobile gadgets you could ever expect to see anywhere!

Lockitron– Let me introduce you to the ultimate tool for people who are too lazy to get up and open the door. This device allows you to see when someone is knocking at the door, lets your door automatically unlock when you get near it, and has the ability for you to unlock your door from your phone. So throw out your keys and buy the Lockitron for only $179.

Withings Blood Pressure Monitor and Medisana Thermo Dock- These amazing health gadgets can monitor your blood pressure and check your body temperature. These appliances can be life changing for certain people. Do not worry, the data from these devices will promptly be saved onto the VitaDock app in case you need to check up on it. These devices cost $158 and $80 respectably.

Withings Blood Pressure Monitor and Medisana Thermo Dock

Smart Baby Monitor- A genius device that all new parents will be able to appreciate, the Smart Baby Monitor, allows you to send live streaming audio and videos. The monitor can connect with the WithBaby app, which lets you check the baby through wireless connection. This device is also able to check up on the baby’s activities, the room’s humidity levels, and if the room is too hot or too cold. This handy gadget costs a steep $352.

Smart Baby Monitor

iPhly– This handy device is for the people who lose their remotes to everything. On iPhly, you can store all your remote, making it possible to control all of your devices straight from your phone for only $70.

Crash Sensor- For more active people, ICEdot’s Crash Sensor can notify your emergency contacts and can even send your location if an accident occurs. All the user needs to do is mount the device on their helmet. This device is especially useful for any extreme sports.