The ONO Smartphone 3D Printer: Fact or Fundraiser Fiction

ONO 3d print

ONO, a San Francisco based company, is getting considerable attention from the world ever since they publicized their progress in developing Smartphone 3D printers. 3D objects can be made layer by layer if you use your smart phone’s screen as a source of light. Ever thought, how you can take a print out of that lovely photo you clicked or that important document saved in your phone? If you are seeking ways to get quick 3D prints directly from your smartphone, this innovative 3D printing system is about to hit the market. You might have heard about some weirdly shaped synthetic objects created using a 3D printer on ads from other promotional campaigns before. It’s difficult to distinguish whether these ads are merely fact or fiction. There are even some official NASA-based technologies that have capitalized in some kind of machine that proposes that 3D printers can print food. Think about the possibilities, then again- how bizarre is that!

ONO iPhone Android

With each 3D printed object, it can be safely assumed that world is moving to a time when things can be printed out instantly. Then again, ONO has aligned technicians, engineers, and researchers with diverse skills and qualifications -who share a zeal for budding ground-breaking ideas. These futuristic thinkers who are busy discovering new avenues of 3D printing are still in the development stages only when it comes to making these gadgets practical. So even if they did come up with iPhone 3D printer or Android 3D printer, don’t be surprised if the delivery date is set for a conservative 2020 release date.

It hasn’t been long since they got hold of this idea, as their dream is to make this product available for everyone. Notable researchers like Pietro Gabriele and Filippo Moroni have been striving to make this possible among a growing concern of product fraud within the crowd fundraising community. If their mission is to create the most compact and practical 3D printer ever and built, it may be one invention that cuts-out the middleman for most home-based businesses who rely on 3D printing services. And after nearly two years of struggle, ONO has not yet succeeded in making the first 3D smart phone printer available to the public just yet. While we wait for this breakthrough wonder to solidify, you can still enjoy using your smartphone for more important things.