New virtual reality visors for the mobile generation



Virtual reality headsets are taking over the globe and the competition for which company makes the best model being fierce enough. Who could not take an interest in this new trend toward a VR world? Especially when the whole video game industry is now headed into games that revolve around a full 360 degree view. Now when it comes to wearing mobile VR goggles, this is something that is almost compared to none, when all you came to experience before that feels like ‘second banana’. There is a lot of market comparison between two of the top selling hottest brands at the moment. These include the Sony PlayStation VR (which is just really incredible to use while gaming), and the HTC VIVE which allows you a lot of usage outside gaming as well. The fact that you can connect them to your iPad or tablet is one of the few revolutions that this particular industry has coupled two great technologies together.

htc vive

According to one online journal “Travelers Today”, the HTC VIVE was born out of the partnership of two very unlikely companies, mainly the partnered interests of HTC and Valve. This partnership is what led to this incredible VR headset which is, according to the specs, better than Sony’s. The fact that it’s the better pick also meant that it was way more expensive than the Sony one with a starting price worth 800 US dollars! The latest HTC Vive base price now starts at only 220 bucks, while the Sony version is still costing 400 USD… There is also speculation according to Android Central that Samsung is also working on a Samsung Galaxy S7 VR visor for its range of existing gear. On News Factor Network, the Sony VR Line up that is expected to make its way into the market soon will be revolutionary in a lot of ways, yet sadly their asking price is getting a second thought when the HTC Vive is offered at such an attractive offer price. Some reports of the latest designs will make it a lot easier for users to look at their smartphones as well as find their drink in front of them (which is a hard thing to do with the current generation) of Virtual Reality Headsets. With the newest headsets that are designed to work with both Android and iOS models, the younger mobile generation will certainly take advantage of the gaming aspect that anchored them to only gaming in a darkened bedroom. We may perhaps finally get to see youth taking the Virtual Reality experience outdoors to a whole new level never seen before.