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snapdragon x50 5g modem

Wireless technology has grown by leaps and bounds since its original inception, but that’s all about to change with the arrival of 5G. However, developers and technology companies are still pushing the boundaries to help the world achieve even higher results, yet the newest milestone that has been accomplished in the field is 5G technology. In the past, the concept was merely a collection of ideas and possibilities. However, Qualcomm has displayed real progress through the current development of the Snapdragon X50. This fifth generation (SG) technology is set to transform how people experience connectivity, particularly through mobile devices. Since the Snapdragon X50 modem or any other 5G device has not been released at all, there’s no exact standard for the technology. However, you can expect that this new technology will improve Internet connectivity. Unlike 4G, the primary goal of this new wireless system is to increase capacity as opposed to peak connection speeds. Ideally, people with new 5G smartphones will be able to consume a higher or even unlimited amount of gigabytes per month.

qualcomm x50 modem

Moreover, the technology will support a higher number of broadband connections per area, ensuring that your connection is not affected by the number of users around you. The 5G technology also promises to improve the efficiency of the Internet of Things (machine to machine communication), and thus further enhance the quality of streamed media on pertinent devices. This criteria set for ideal SG connectivity dictates that the technology should be able to support download speeds of one GB per second to multiple devices in any given area. This widespread coverage for users concept is no doubt appealing for those who already enjoy the internet. In addition, this signal efficiency will be considerably enhanced compared to previous generations released prior. This and more is what Snapdragon X50 promises to deliver. But with all these expectations, when an area is not covered by this futuristic 5G technology, the Snapdragon modem will utilize a back-up 4G LTE in order to maintain connectivity. It seems like it may take forever to get your hands on a sample of the Snapdragon X50 anytime soon, promotional trials are set to begin in 2017, with official market sales launching in 2018.