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Getting connected with the internet isn’t all about the pc you’re using, it also has everything to do with the type of device that is used to connect with the internet. These days everyone is more comfortable using the smartphone or tablet. These are even more popular than laptop users, then again sometimes it doesn’t matter how we get connected. is all about the connection to the internet and how the newest trends are changing much more quickly than we expected the World Wide Web would ever have gotten.

Where is the future of the mobile internet going now that everyone is using their iPhone and smartphone? If you own a Blackberry or similar Android you know how easy it is to check the internet. Even if you’re not in the WiFi zone and lose that hotspot signal, there always seems to be some way to keep that connection going. And is it better to go mobile without all the comfort you get when you’re at home? We all know how you can use the internet nearly anywhere with a hand held device, even at home… We cover the ongoing argument that might just solve that question of which is better.

Another problem is keeping up with the newest trends without going broke is finding the best buys for equipment and accessories. Thanks to the internet we get to see more online sites selling cheaper alternatives to equipment than before. Looking for ideas that improve your home pc, we give you the newest concepts that won’t rip your wallet apart. Another good point is getting the most from your mobile memory storage since mobile gaming needs as much back-up memory as you can get. How to get more of it is simple and we’ve got some answers you can really use. There are also some really good ways to speed up your mobile connection without paying more to your mobile provider too. You may not even know why connection speed is slowing down either.

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We’re adding more and more to all the time, keep checking back or feel free to let us know what’s missing in your connection to the internet. We want to keep the latest trends alive instead of repackaging old methods that don’t really work at all.

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